Sea Angling Club

Organised Outings

Club membership offers the opportunity to take part in our monthly boat, and shore outings. The outings are selected to give a variety of seasonal fishing, and offer a wide range of challenges to suit all skill levels, from the novice, to the most experienced anglers.


Sea fishing in the UK is an adventurous sport, every venue offers a unique way to explore the countryside, and experience our coastline, while taking part in an active, engaging sport. We are often out at times, and in places that few experience.

Informal Coaching

The club offers an informal approach to coaching, with an emphasis on learning by doing. Upcoming outings are discussed at club meetings, with advice on tactics, bait selection, and suitable equipment. The club also hosts skills sessions, where rig building tutorials are popular, along with casting days, to help improve on technique.

Experience & Advice

If you were to total up the experience of our members it would run into several hundreds of years! Individually, many have over 40 years of experience fishing our coastline, and are happy to provide advice on anything from where to fish, rigs, bait, and how to target specific species.


Angling Opportunities

The club runs one shore trip, and one boat trip each month, the year round. Members frequently arrange additional impromtu trips between these times as well. Some of the species we can catch are below:

About the club

Our club boasts a rich history, dating back to 1974 and encompasess all types of sea fishing, from casual angling, to match fishing. Some of our members have competed in matches at the regional to national level, showcasing their skills, and bringing index some impressive wins.

But our club is more than just fishing. We are a tight-knit community of passionate anglers who share a love for the sea and a commitment to preserving Scotland's rich marine heritage. With a view towards conservation, we strive to promote responsible angling practices, and foster a sense of camaraderie among our members.

So whether you are a seasoned angler, or a beginner looking to try your hand at sea fishing, we invite you to join us at the Silver Lure Sea Angling Club and experience the beauty and excitement of Scotland's coastal waters.

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